Rocket League Update v1.74 Patchnotes

Vor kurzem erschien ein Update auf Version 1.74 für Rocket League. Dabei wurden zahlreiche Änderungen an Settings vorenommen, DX 11 Support integriert und auch Bugs gefixt. Wir liefern euch die offiziellen Patchnotes.


  • Blueprints can now be traded in
  • Some default settings under Camera, Controls, and Interface have changed
  • Added Dynamic Range controls to the Audio menu
  • Spike Rush added as a Mutator preset


  • Ignition Series Blueprints will be available as drops after select Online Matches starting on March 11, 2020 at 10 a.m. PDT / 5 p.m. UTC

Blueprint Trade-Ins

  • You can trade in five Blueprints for one random Blueprint of the next-highest rarity
    • All five Trade-in Blueprints must be from the same series
      • The Blueprint you receive from the trade-in will be from the same series
    • All five Trade-in Blueprints must have the same rarity
  • To trade in Blueprints
    • Go to the Blueprints tab in your inventory
    • Click the left stick (or right-click with mouse) on one of the Blueprints you want to trade in
    • A new window will appear displaying all Blueprints that match both series and rarity
    • Select the remaining four you want to trade in
  • Black Market rarity items are included in the Blueprint trade-in system
    • Five Rare Blueprints = One Very Rare Blueprint
    • Five Very Rare Blueprints = One Import Blueprint
    • Five Import Blueprints = One Exotic Blueprint
    • Five Exotic Blueprints = One Black Market Blueprint
  • The Blueprint you receive has a chance to be Certified, Painted, or drop as a Special Edition
  • Learn more about building Blueprints here

Default Settings

  • Some default settings under Camera, Controls, and Interface have changed
    • These changes will only occur if a player has never changed a default setting to a custom preference
  • Camera
    • Default Camera Preset
      • Distance increased to 270 (was 260)
      • Stiffness increased to 0.5 (was 0.3)
    • “Legacy” Camera Preset added
      • Legacy uses the original default settings
    • Camera Shake intensity reduced for most actions
  • Controls
    • Default Controller Deadzone value reduced to 0.2 (was 0.3)
    • Default Dodge Deadzone value increased to 0.8 (was 0.5)
    • Button Bindings list re-ordered to show most important controls at the top
    • Controller Vibration
      • Reduced the intensity of vibration on the “Default” setting
      • On “Default” and below, Boost now only vibrates the controller when activated
      • Players can still use “Medium” or “Heavy” to replicate the old vibration settings
  • Interface
    • Nameplate Mode
      • Default setting now makes nameplates Always Visible.
      • Previous default now called “Nearby Only”
    • Team Colored Boost Meter is now enabled by default

Audio (Dynamic Range)

  • Dynamic Range settings are now available in the Audio menu
  • Settings
    • Default: Best for most players, these settings carry over from before today’s update
    • Low (Night): Best when playing at low volume, in a loud environment, or on low-quality speakers
    • High (Theater): Best when playing at high volume on high-quality sound systems

[PC] DirectX 11

  • DirectX 11 is now enabled by default for all players on PC
  • You can see our refreshed minimum and recommended PC specifications here
  • To opt out of DirectX 11, and revert to DirectX 9:
    • Open Steam
    • Right-click Rocket League, select Properties
    • Choose Select Launch Options under the General tab
    • Paste in -dx9, select OK
    • Start Rocket League
  • To change back to DirectX 11, remove -dx9 from the Select Launch Options window, and select OK


  • Inventory management: Any selected filters will remain active until you exit your inventory or trade window
  • Spike Rush added as a Mutator preset
  • Added a “Blueprints” button in the Garage menu
    • This button is a shortcut to Garage > Manage Inventory > Blueprints
    • The number of Blueprints in your inventory will be displayed on the button
  • Added support for Discord Rich Presence
  • [Nintendo Switch] Transparent Goalposts added under Options > Video


  • Fixed a bug causing the Rank/Division down notification to display after a win
  • Esper’s front-left wheel no longer clips through the wheel support
  • Fixed particle dispersal on Flash Freeze Decal
  • Archive button no longer appears at the bottom of the Blueprints tab
  • Yaki wheels have been adjusted to face the correct direction
  • Player Rank after using Quick Play no longer displays the incorrect Rank
  • Fixed a bug keeping multiple Supersonic Fury and Chaos Run achievements/trophies from unlocking when using items purchased from the Item Shop
  • Fixed appearance of the Soft Edge Decal on Chikara, Chikara G1, and Chikara GTX
  • Inventory filter no longer resets after previewing a revealed Blueprint


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