Neues Steam Client Update – 04-03-22

Heute gab es ein neues Steam Client Update. Die vollständige Liste aller Änderungen und Neuerungen des Updates findet ihr nachfolgend.

A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.


  • Added cloud status to game details screen
  • Game list will now show cloud status icon and progress % for app when syncing / cloud error
  • Game details screen will now show disk space required for games that are not installed
  • Fixed screenshots not showing up for non-Steam games
  • Fixed shelves and viewing collections imported from tags containing percent symbols (%)

Steam Cloud

  • Fixed file conflict that can result from the first time playing some games on a device that has existing Cloud files from another Steam user
  • Added sync status to App Details page in Library
  • Added manual retry of Cloud sync for an app by clicking the above status if failed
  • If disconnected from Steam on game exit, queue sync for next time we re-connect
  • Fixed to properly track file changes for games which use AutoCloud when playing offline
  • Improve game launch process when offline (remove most instances of long timeouts)
  • Updated sync failure / conflict dialogs

Steam Input

  • Fixed loading custom controller names, PS4 lightbar, and other per-controller preferences
  • Fixed PS4 controllers not working over Bluetooth when Xbox Extended Feature Support is enabled
  • Improved handling of changes to controller calibration, rumble on/off settings, etc when offline
  • Enabled gamepad support for the ASUS ROG Chakram mice

Remote Play

  • Fixed controller connection issue with Remote Play Together on Windows
  • Fixed Steam clients occasionally not reconnecting to each other after being restarted
  • Don’t automatically try to stream games from Steam Deck if they are available
  • Game controller input is paused while the streaming client is not focused


  • Fixed a bug preventing a client from making a second P2P connection to the same server

Shader Pre-Caching

  • Fixed games using proton to always download shader caches immediately when installed
  • Fixed to ensure that stale shader cache data is deleted on GPU/driver changes



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