[CSS] – Update, zBlock, ESL Settings

Da widmet man sich die ersten Tage vollends seinem Studium, schon passiert es, dass man zwei drei wichtige Sachen im Bezug auf Counter-Strike Source verpasst. Wem es so ähnlich ging, findet hier kurz eine Zusammenfassung der Punkte:

  • CSS Update:

Ein umfangreiches Counter-Strike Source Update wurde veröffentlicht. Die Patchnotes dazu gibt es hier weiter unten. Das Update sollte breits bei jedem installiert sein, vorrausgesetzt ihr habt in den vergangenen fünf Tagen euer Steam gestartet. (offizielle Patchnotes auf steamcommunity.com)

  • Neue zBlock Version

Durch das Update wurden einige serverseitige Plugins unbrauchbar gemacht, darunter auch zBlock. Auch hier gab es kurz darauf ein Update, mit nachfolgenden Änderungen (siehe unten). Die aktuellste zBlock Version ist Pflicht! Überprüft also, ob bei euch zBlock in der Version 4.64 läuft. Den Download des Plugins gibt es auf der offiziellen zBlock Webseite.

  • Neue ESL Serversettings

Eins führt zum anderen: Das zBlock Update zwang die ESL auf Grund neuer Befehle zu einer Anpassung der ESL Settings. Die Settings werden automatisch von dem ESL Plugin auf euren Server geladen. Vergewissert euch, dass das ESL Plugin auf eurem Server installiert ist und die neuen Settings auch nachgeladen hat (Settingsversion muss Stand heute die Version vom 16.10.2011 sein). Die Version der Settings wird euch nach dem Connecten auf einen Server angezeigt. (passende ESL-News dazu)

Versionsangabe des ESL-Plugins

Patchnotes zum Counter-Strike Source Update:

Source Engine Changes (CS:S, DoD:S, TF2, HL2:DM)
– Fixed an issue with the multi-threaded renderer which could cause a crash on map change
– Adjusted whitespace to improve formatting in status command output
– Changed stats output to show KB/s instead of bytes/sec, added a connections column, and changed the users column to „Map changes“
– Fixed game servers not being able to execute the retry command due to the dependence on the connect command (which is not executable by game servers)
– Made sndplaydelay executable by servers
– Server frame rate is now based on the tickrate of the active Source mod, not the fps_max convar
– Server processing delays have been reduced, especially for servers on modern Linux kernels
– Entity processing logic has been optimized to significantly reduce CPU usage on full servers
– Multi-threaded server code is now enabled by default under Linux (already enabled on Windows)
– An exploit with non-printable characters causing lag on Windows servers has been fixed
– CPU is fully yielded back to the system whenever the server is running faster than the tickrate
– Dramatic increase in performance for low-level math libraries

Counter-Strike: Source
– Prevent AWP cycle time exploit using quick switch
– Fixed bug causing HUD History to display item pickups from nearby players
– Increased sized of HUD History resource to prevent clipping
– Changed grenade damage so that it always hits HITGROUP_GENERIC and takes into account armor for damage calculations
– Reduced standing and moving accuracy for pistols
– Decreased accuracy while moving with sniper rifles
– Added additional legacy mode (3) to cl_dynamiccrosshair
– Updated the localization files

Patchnotes zum zBlock Update:

Fixed load issues with the 13/10/11 update.
-„zb_record“ now saves named demos with the format „date_time_map“, instead of „map_date_time“.
-Fixed SourceBans integration.
-Prevented an interp value exploit.
-Checks more userinfo values for client/server inconsistencies.
-Added „zb_maxnamechanges“ (default 3) – Configures the total number of name changes a player is allowed to make in the time „zb_namechangeperiod“ before being kicked (0=unlimited).
-Added „zb_namechangeperiod“ (default 500) – The number of seconds between tracked name changes (0=unlimited).
-Added „zb_kicknamethieves“ (default 0) – Kicks players with similar name, basically it removes all whitespace and compares the player name, if it’s not 1 or 2 characters different the copycat will be kicked.
-Added the server concommand „zb_recentdisconnects“, which prints details of the last 20 players to have disconnected from the server.
-Fixed string parsing of auth-host urls.
-Many changes to the authhost implementation.
-Locked all „ammo_“ cvars to their defaults in warmode.
-The new engine cvar „mp_show_voice_icons“ is forced to 0 in warmode as not to give away player positions when using in-game voice (i.e. zb_deadvoice).
-Clients can now use „ignorerad“ when „zb_warmode 0“ is set. We however recommend that server owners set „sv_ignoregrenaderadio“ according to preference.
-Detects the client userinfo cvar „zb_wantignorerad“, if this is set to „1“ then zBlock automatically sets „ignorerad“ for you (again only when „zb_warmode 0“ is set).
-Kicks for using the inferno prediction exploit.
-Fixed a bug in the cvar scanner, improved its general performance and worked around an issue involving other plugins doing things wrong.
-Cients will no longer be kicked for „Not responding to cvar queries“ when timing out.
-Added a new method of grabbing interfaces which will be more resilient with future engine updates.
-Prevented cheaters from retrieving enemy team chat.

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