[CS:GO] – Oktober Update #3

In der Nacht veröffentlichte Valve das bereits dritte Update im laufenden Monat für Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Alle drei Updates konzentrierten sich weitestgehend auf Fehlerkorrekturen, fügten aber auch neue Inhalte wie den “Watch” Reiter hinzu, mit dem es nun möglich ist laufende Begegnungen live zu verfolgen, oder seine bereits gespielten Matches noch einmal anzugucken. Ebenso gab es kleine Anpassungen an dem Verhalten von Granaten bei Interaktionen mit dem Spieler. Granaten reagieren jetzt exakt auf die Hitboxen der Modelle und nicht mehr auf deren Gesamtvolumen. Dazu kommen einige beseitigte Bugs, die Abstürze verursachen konnten.


Die detaillierten Patchnotes aller drei Updates findet ihr nachfolgend (von alt nach neu) aufgelistet:

5. Oktober

-Updated with bugfixes.

-Updated the spectator UI
–Spectator UI shows all weapons that a player has equipped instead of just the grenades and currently equipped.
–Moved the armor icons off of the player avatar and updated icon placements.
–Added Team Round Value display when spectating that shows the current equipment value of the alive members of a team versus the other team.
-Updated map selector UI to show more maps on a single page.
-Fixed usp-s and m4a1-s icons not showing up in the spectator hud.
-If the max rounds is set to > 999, it will display in the spectator UI as “–“.
-Fixed weapon icons being scaled improperly in the team scoreboard in Arms Race Mode.

-Grenades no longer bounce off chickens.
-Fixed a money exploit in official competitive matchmaking.
-Fixed potential issue where round backups could incorrectly restore some players as dead.
-Fixed round backups not correctly restoring StatTrak knives for players.
-Fixed a bug downloading workshop maps with Steam set to a non-English language.
-Fixed additional memory leaks.


11. Oktober

– Improved grenade physics interaction with player models. Grenades bounce off player hitboxes instead of the overall player bounding volume.
– Improved bomb-planting player animation to prevent unintentionally standing when the plant completes. (Thanks Friberg!).
– Re-added support for alternate firing accuracy. This effectively buffs burst fire on the glock and the famas.

– Fixed minor bugs in cs_siege and de_ruins.

– Added the WATCH menu
— Watch live, in-progress matches played by highly-ranked CS:GO players
— Access your match history and review the scoreboard for your previous matches
— Download and watch any of your recent matches.
— Select ‘GOTV Theater’ to watch a continuous stream of live matches.
– Pausing/disabling of the GOTV autodirector has been reverted to the old behavior.
– Fixed a bug that allowed you to see the other team’s weapons in a competitive game via the spectator menu if you were the last person to die on your team.
– Fixed a case where spectator weapon panel would be missing the weapon in GOTV and demos.
– Fixed a case where the code version of the weapon name would show up in the freeze panel.
– Fixed the Team Value numbers not switching properly after halftime in GOTV or demo playback.
– The bomb icon is now colored in the spectator view so it’s more visible.

– Fixed “Bad sequence in GetSequenceName” viewmodel console warnings.


18. Oktober

– de_nuke: Decreased fog

– Added Streams tab to Watch menu.
– Friends rich presence now also includes the map if they are reviewing a match from their Match History.
– Fixed being able to invite and message yourself in the Watch menu scoreboard.
– Fixed hitches that would happen when updating match data in Watch menu.
– Reduced memory footprint of Inventory menu.
– Added warning that will show when you have have a corrupt download from Your Games tab.

– Players in a match can now see the number of GOTV spectators in the scoreboard.
– Added spectator count display to top live Competitive matches.
– Added support for GOTV relays to allow a much large number of spectators for top live Competitive matches.
– Added convar tv_maxclients_relayreserved which allows reserving a certain number of slots from tv_maxclients for GOTV relays.
– Added convar tv_dispatchweight which allows better control of load balancing in relay chains, defaults to 1.25 which for every 4 local spectators will send 5 spectators to each connected relay.
– Fixed empty GOTV spectator chat messages.

– Fixed a crash on startup
– Fixed not being able to equip the default weapon into a loadout slot that previously contained a decorated weapon.
– Improved decorated weapon material compositing to prevent dark patches on some weapons with clean exterior.

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